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CitySmart Program
Program Overview

Municipalities across the country are beginning to receive legislative mandates that require them to lower their energy and water consumption. These municipalities often do not have the resident expertise to benchmark their energy use patterns or identify appropriate energy conservation measures and they lack capital to implement efficiency improvement projects. Additionally, facility staff does not have the necessary influence within their organizations to successfully make the case for the investments necessary to improve energy efficiency.

CLEAResult developed the CitySmart Program to help municipal, county and select state agencies:

    • Become more energy efficient, thus lowering operating costs.
    • Improve the air and environmental quality in their jurisdictions.
    • Meet their environmental, legislative and regulatory mandates.

CitySmart provides technical and financial support to municipal governments to help them overcome their unique barriers and further their efforts to implement energy efficiency improvements.
The following cash incentives are provided for renovation, new construction and maintenance projects resulting in reduced energy consumption:

Measure $/kW $/kWH
Lighting $110 $0.03
LEDs $180 $0.05
DX $275 $0.09
Chiller $325 $0.09
Motor $180 $0.07
VFD $200 $0.06
Window Film / Replacement $180 $0.06
Refrigeration $240 $0.06
Roofing $240 $0.09
Other $200 $0.07

How to Participate

Download the 2020 CitySmart Program documents listed on the right. Note: site inspections are performed by program representatives for all projects.

Please contact the CenterPoint Energy or CLEAResult contact listed on the right if you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to helping your organization save energy and money.

Program Documents

Program Manual
Executive Summary
HVAC Savings Form
Lighting Savings Form
Roofing Form
Prescriptive Motor Form
Window Film Survey Form
Air Handling Unit VFD Form

Program Resources

Design Guide: Envelope Recommendations
Design Guide: HVAC Recommendations
Design Guide: Lighting Recommendations
Sample Benchmarking Report

Program Contacts

Drew Scatizzi
Program Manager
CenterPoint Energy
(713) 207-5618
[email protected]

Josh Campbell
(281) 902-1155
[email protected]