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Participation Steps
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Participation Is Easy

1. Contact the Program Consultant, Delilah Spignardo at 915-255-4286, to better understand how the Program can assist to identify, and offer incentives for but not limited to the following Qualifying Projects:
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Lighting Controls
  • High Performance HVAC Tune Ups
  • Cool Roofs
  • Window Treatments
  • ENERGY STAR® Food Service Equipment
  • Walk-in Refrigerated Storage Strip Curtains

2. Select a contractor or contact the Program Administrator for information on enrolling your Qualified Contractor, or to self sponsor.

3. Contractor will give you an estimate for the work and calculate your incentive according to the projected energy savings, and will deduct the El Paso Electric Incentive from your Final Invoice.

4. Schedule pre-inspection, implementation, and post-inspections with the Program Administrator, for specified energy efficiency projects.

5. Receive incentive check from El Paso Electric and benefit from years of saving energy and money!