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Participating Contractors
The contractors listed below are qualified to recommend and perform energy efficiency upgrades that can result in incentive dollars or discounted installation costs for the customer through the El Paso Electric Small Commercial Solutions Program.

Lighting Contractors

Company Contact Phone E-Mail
1A Electric Nicolas Matmoros (915) 504-4472
Ace Electric Company Ignacio Ruiz (915) 256-9030
A & M Electric Stephen Barker (915) 567‐1341
BarrCo. Construction Enrique Barrera (915) 241‐0046
Batteries Plus Bulbs Charlie Norton (915) 882‐0744
Binkley Electrical Robert Binkley (915) 543‐9393
C&L Pump Service Steven Magallanes (888) 257‐3216
Desert Lighting Ruben Moreno (915) 248‐7639
D & H United Fueling Solutions Victor Ayala (915) 258‐4201
Eco‐Worx Peter Reyes (915) 633‐1411
EnergyWorks Douglas Campion (575) 524‐2300
Exar Lighting Oscar Andre (915) 251‐2524
Facility Solutions Group Tim Danielewicz (915)307-3386
Green Tree Lighting & Supply Jason Kiser (915) 355-3389
Green Bulb Solutions Danielle Bouche (915) 861-2398
LBG Enterprises Alfredo Cisneros (915) 842-0844
New Light Enterprise Bertha Gil (915) 209‐5088

HVAC Contractors

Company Contact Phone E-Mail
Aire Systems Leo Montenegro (915) 228-9394
Decision1* Michael Zelesak (915) 790-7085
Expert Refrigeration* Eric Alvarez (915) 598-1732
Kings Aire Elena Villa (915) 592-2997
Metal Craft Co. & AirServ* Marcy Teague (575) 524-8653
PC Automated Controls David Arias (915) 751-0313
Sharp Mechanical Arthur Nieto (915) 383-9664
Temperature Pro* Oscar Prieto (915) 881-8801
Total Air Brandon Brodes (915)-585-0914

*Contractor participates in the High Performance HVAC Tune-Up Program

Roofing Contractors

Company Contact Phone E-Mail
EnergyWorks Douglas Campion (575) 524-2300
If your preferred contractor is not on the list above, or you have a contractor who you would like to become a program participant, please contact the CLEAResult Program Administrator, Delilah Spignardo at 915-255-4286 or El Paso Electric Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator, Crystal Enoch, PE at 915-351-4212 or

EPE Executive Summary for Contractors

EPE Participating Contractors