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Large Commercial Solutions Program
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Reduce Energy Bills - Improve Comfort - Save Energy

The Large Commercial Solutions Program provides technical assistance, public recognition, and financial incentives for projects that improve the energy efficiency of commercial facilities and result in peak kW reduction for El Paso Electric.

Efficient lighting, air conditioning and roofing can make a real difference on your monthly electric bill and your building's comfort. With financial incentives available to help pay for a portion of the cost, there has never been a better time to make your business more energy efficient.

The El Paso Electric Large Commercial Solutions Program is available to El Paso Electric customers in Texas that use 100 kW or more demand. This program is offered at no cost; the only financial investment the customer makes is for the energy efficiency measures they choose to install.

To confirm your business qualifies, please contact the Program Administrator, Aaron Aguilera at 915-255-4289 , directly.

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