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Eligible Upgrades
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Chances are, nothing in your facility uses more energy than your lights. Inefficient lighting can lead to thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending each year. The SCORE Plus Program offers assistance on the selection, and design, of energy efficient lighting systems that can reduce energy use and improve lighting quality.
Air conditioning systems use a significant amount of energy each year. High-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment uses approximately 10 percent less energy than standard equipment. Additionally, the EPA estimates at least 25 percent of commercial HVAC units are oversized, meaning there's a good chance you could keep your space comfortable with a smaller, less expensive unit.

High Performance HVAC Tune-Up
A premium service that optimizes the operating efficiency, prolongs the life and boosts energy savings. For a list of approved contractors please click here

You may not think of your roof as something that uses energy, but it can have a real effect on your monthly bill. High efficiency roofing materials reflect solar heat instead of allowing it to be absorbed into your building. This reduces the load on your air conditioning system and can lead to significant savings.

*Incentives available for buildings cooled with refrigerated air only.
In addition to the retrofit options above, incentives are also available for high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems in new construction. Incentives are calculated according to the efficiency of new buildings, as compared to code requirements.
Incentives can also be earned for upgrades made to 'other' forms of equipment, and processes, that use and save energy during the peak electricity period of 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Examples of such 'other' equipment or processes, and associated upgrades, may include the following:

Motors upgrades may include the installation of NEMA premium-efficient motors, replacing oversized motors with properly-sized motors, or the installation of VFDs* (variable frequency drives) on motors.

Injection Molding Machines upgrades may include more efficient IMM machines (from hydraulic to electric), or installation of insulation on IMM extruder barrels.

* May not qualify for incentive (must result in peak demand (kW) reduction)