For government agencies in the U.S., annual dollars spent on energy soar into the billions. Entergy Texas’ Commercial Solutions Program helps government agencies implement energy-saving improvements that drive down operating costs and enhance comfort for building occupants. Incentives for roofing, HVAC and lighting upgrades help to offset the cost of eligible building improvements.

Municipalities across the country are beginning to receive legislative mandates that require them to lower their energy and water consumption.

The Commercial Solutions program helps utilities provide support to local government entities in order to:

  • Become more energy efficient, thus lowering operating costs.
  • Improve the air and environmental quality in their jurisdictions.
  • Help them meet their environmental legislative and regulatory mandates.

The Commercial Solutions program provides technical and financial support to municipal governments to help them overcome their unique barriers and further their efforts to implement energy efficiency improvements.

For more information on the The Commercial Solutions Program, contact us at 855-884-5617 or EntergyTX@clearesult.com.

The following cash incentives are provided for eligible measures in renovation, new construction, and maintenance projects resulting in reduced peak electric demand:

2017 Commercial Solutions Program
HVAC $225/kW $0.02/kWh
Lighting $165/kW $0.01/kWh
Refrigeration $250/kW $0.02/kWh
Roofing $250/kW $0.02/kWh
Custom/Other $165/kW $0.02/kWh

Did You Know?

  • Government buildings waste nearly 33 percent of the energy they consume.
  • Government agencies spend more than $10 billion on energy to meet public service needs.
(Source: energystar.gov)