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Summary of Programs

AEP Texas is pleased to offer the SCORE, CitySmart, Commercial Solutions, CoolSaver and Open Market Transformation Programs. Each program is designed to help customers address energy costs through energy efficiency.

SCORE, CitySmart and Commercial Solutions provide complimentary tools, services, and incentives to participating customers who complete projects resulting in peak electric demand savings. Common new construction and retrofit projects include the installation of efficient lighting technologies, installation of Energy Star qualified roofing material, installation of premium efficiency motors, and the installation of premium efficiency air conditioning equipment.

AEP Texas has partnered with CLEAResult to implement these programs.

How To Participate

To learn more about the programs offered in your area please click on the following links or the links above.

AEP Texas Central Company (South Texas: Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Corpus Christi East to Victoria)

AEP Texas North Company (North and West Texas: Childress, Abilene South through San Angelo to Marfa)

SCORE, CitySmart, Commercial Solutions, CoolSaver and Open are administered by CLEAResult on behalf of AEP Texas.